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Automating and standardizing the workflow for biopharmaceutical manufacture and cell therapy medicine.

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Imagine that you could have a ready to use test that leveraged the full breadth of excitation colors available on today’s high-end flow cytometers. Imagine it was as simple as a single pipetting of your sample into a vial containing 30 preformulated markers, incubating, and then you are ready for flow analysis.

Maintaining a consistent & standardized level of quality has become critical for today’s increasingly complex processes. Mojave Bio’s proprietary “AmberGlass” technology enables the automation of workflow in addition to the unitization & standardization of these complex processes. AmberGlass technology can be customized to meet your unique requirements for biochemical assays.

AmberGlass Technology

  • Built on a well validated foundational technology of over 30 years
  • Forms an amorphous, thin “glass” layer that adheres to the surface of the container
  • Preserves the conformational integrity of the reagents
  • Encapsulates the pre-formulated & standardized biologic reagents
  • Enables many years of room temp storage
  • Demonstrated equivalency to liquid reagents

Applicable to any master mix of:

  • Antibodies
  • Enzymes (including PCR master mix)
  • Nucleic Acid
  • Fixed Mammalian Cells

Application Value Propositions

QA/QC Labs: Reagents for complex assays

Significantly simplifying & automating the workflow by utilizing unitized & standardize assay reagents in a ready-use-format.

Clinical Trials:

Enables use of large, single batch, unitized & standardized reagents for use during the entire time period of the clinical trial.

Bioreactors: Delivery

Enables an Integrated System Approach by delivering growth factors at the right concentration in a standardized cartridge format when & where required.

Unitized & Standardized Reagents Stable at Room Temperature

Primary Cells for Cell Surface Staining

Cell Lines for Cell Surface & Intracellular Staining

Ready to use PCR Master Mix

Reagent Delivery for Immuno & Biochemical Assays

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